n. Breakfast eaten at a desk.
Other Forms
For many people in postmodern America, breakfast isn't breakfast anymore. It's now "carfast" or "deskfast."
—Mark Azarra, “Fast food breakfasts taking a toll on Americans' health,” The Associated Press, March 14, 2002
Monday morning - 08.30. I am multi-tasking (read: trying to do too many things at once). With varying degrees of success I am scanning the trade press while consuming a healthy 'deskfast' of bacon sarnie and banana smoothie.
—San Kirkegaard, “A day in the life of a format developer,” Broadcast news by, October 05, 2001
1996 (earliest)
Though most people still eat breakfast at home, increasing numbers of Americans are leaving home in the morning and waiting until they reach their destination before eating breakfast — a trend recently dubbed, "desk-breakfast" or "deskfast."
—“Time, Career, Nutrition, Make 'Eating Deskfast' a Popular Option,” PR Newswire, October 10, 1996
Some hungry folks can't wait to get to work to eat their breakfast, so they consume it en route, making it a carfast (see the first citation).
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