n. The state of a couple where both partners work but they are too tired or stressed to have sex.
Are you experiencing DINS? That's Double Income No Sex. According to the April issue of Health magazine, researchers say it's natural for libidos to "cool off during the career- and family-building years."
—“Sexual blip?,” Sunday News, April 21, 2002
1991 (earliest)
Jackie Singer, an Irvine psychotherapist, says she has counseled a number of weary couples who work long hours during the week, spend weekends running around with their kids and seldom find time for each other. She has her own acronym for them: DILS (Double Income, Little Sex) or DINS (Double Income, No Sex).
—Sherry Angel, “Relationships: A reawakening in the bedroom,” Los Angeles Times, December 04, 1991