v. To act in a servile or worshipful manner insincerely or hypocritically.
Other Forms
Such erudition! I disingenuflect to all of you.
—Conehead, “'Disingenuine'” (reply), Digital Spy, July 08, 2014
Disingenuflect, v. To supplicate oneself to another as if out of respect, but while harboring contrary intent.
—Cheston Magic, “Disingenuflect…,” Twitter, June 04, 2014
My krew is also real fond of "disingenuflect," a term used to describe the half-hearted, hurried signs of the cross and bows-before-entering-the-pew you see from those wack only-Christian-on-Sunday types.
—Erogenous Jones, “I have coined a new word” (reply), Rotten Tomatoes, August 31, 2009
2008 (earliest)
You beat me too it, Rhys. Sophie made her name disingenuflecting on the Republic and has gone downhill from there.
—Realist, “The Nightmare Team” (comment), The Australian, November 12, 2008