divorce doula
n. An advocate who provides legal and financial advice as well as emotional support to a client who is going through a divorce.
Enter the divorce doula — or coach, or consultant — a new breed of divorce support worker in the business of helping individuals navigate the messy job of ending a marriage.
—Rebecca Cuneo Keenan, “A divorce coach could offer a calming perspective,” The Globe and Mail, June 11, 2015
When I told friends and family that we were separating, many were quick to judge, criticize and offer incredibly unhelpful advice ("Why don't you wait 10 years until the kids are grown?") Sigh. Needless to say, I could have used a divorce doula during those early days when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.
—Pamela L. Smith, “The 5 Most Important Things I've Learned Since My Divorce,” The Huntington Post, April 03, 2015
We’ve heard of divorce coaches and divorce consultants, but never before a Divorce Doula! In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, from The Family Support Expo in Toronto, Lynn Kaplan, (a.k.a.., Divorce Doula), joins us and explains her unique method of helping individuals navigate divorce more successfully and make divorce easier.
—Steve Peck, “The Divorce Doula Makes Divorce Easier,” Divorce Source Radio, November 08, 2012
2006 (earliest)
An instructor in my doula training talked about the need for women to have doulas in many factors in our lives-she has actually helped clients as an infertillity doula. We talked about cancer doulas, divorce doulas…
—Megan Miles, “the infertile midwife, or, the childbirth educator dealing with infertility” (reply), Mothering, August 04, 2006