n. A person who believes society should switch to a base-12 counting system instead of the current base-10 system.
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Dozenalists aren't cranks or crotchety anti-metric grouches. We just find the dozenal system easier, more efficient, and otherwise better than the decimal.
—Donald P Goodman, “Dozenalists of the world unite! Rise up against the tyranny of ten!,” The Guardian, December 12, 2012
Die-hard fans of the number 12 — dubbed "dozenalists" — say the real time to celebrate is 2016 because they are counting in base 12. The rest of us learn to count in base 10. That new year will be huge to the dozenalists.
—Janice Lloyd, “12/12/12: Dozens of ways to seize the day, month, year,” USA Today, December 12, 2012
2004 (earliest)
Dozenalists are a diverse bunch- like any group of people. Some dozenalists believe the only way forward is to adopt a base-12 counting system and have a system of weights and measures where the units are related totally by the factor 12 and its squares, cubes etc. However, some other dozenalists just believe that the number 12 should play a large part in present systems of W&M within the context of a base-10 numeral system.
—Bryan Perry, “FPS Vs. MKS?,” Physics Forums, March 06, 2004
The base-12 counting system is usually called the duodecimal system, but many people also refer to it as the dozenal system, which is the source of term "dozenalist."
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