drive-through cuisine
n. Food obtained via a restaurant's drive-through window.
Unlike most drive-through cuisine I review, where I use the magic words "new … for a limited time only," Cheesy Bread Sticks have been a fixture on Domino's menu since 1992.
—Ken Hoffman, “Domino's free offer is no cheesy deal,” The Houston Chronicle, September 21, 2001
1994 (earliest)
Pull off the road anywhere in rural Florida, find a stand of pine trees and take a walk. Look around and you'll see a familiar wall of green, an unending bramble of tangled weeds and vines.

Snake heaven. Spider hell.

Richard Deuerling sees lunch.

In a society devoted to prepackaging and drive-through cuisine, Deuerling is a heretic. You can espouse the divine pleasure of Taco Bell all you want. He'd much rather eat his yard.
—Christopher Garlington, “Father Nature,” The Orlando Sentinel, June 05, 1994