n. An airport or hub designed for or dedicated to drones.
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A futuristic network of "droneports" that will help distribute pharmaceuticals and other crucial goods is set to open soon in the small African republic of Rwanda.
—Jacopo Prisco, “Star architect designs the world's first 'airport for drones',” CNN, October 05, 2015
Drones will soon land in Droneports. What's next?
—Andrea Puiatti, “Skysense interview at CeBIT 2015,” Skysense, March 18, 2015
With the ink drying on a new $33 million contract, Texas is about to get a brand new, dedicated droneport. Yes, like a spaceship houses spaceships, a droneport — a term we may or may not have made up just now — gives unmanned aerial vehicles a place to call home.
—Taylor Hatmaker, “The Army's drone-only airport coming soon to U.S. soil,” The Daily Dot, December 11, 2014
2013 (earliest)
Companies that build them test them at military and civilian airports, and in some cases have their own dedicated UAV R&D airports. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge a new kind of airport now: a Droneport.
—“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” The Center for Land Use Interpretation, February 02, 2013
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