n. A January during which a person consumes no alcohol; a campaign to encourage abstinence from alcohol during January.
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Moderation Management…began to add more in-person meetings and last year, the organization launched a campaign around Dryuary, encouraging people to take the month of January off from drinking.
Eight years later, we are on our ninth consecutive Drynuary: our name for the practice of kicking off the New Year by abstaining from booze for a month.
—John Ore, “Why I’ve Given Up Alcohol Every January for the Last Eight Years,” Slate, January 06, 2015
And following the popularity of post-Christmas alcohol abstaining challenge 'Dryuary', The Garage decided that the gap in Aberdeen’s nightlife for an evening that would still draw in partygoers without a drop of alcohol in sight was too good an opportunity to miss.
—Victoria Pease, “'No alcohol please — we're students' — DRY Aberdeen launch booze-free night,” STV Aberdeen, January 20, 2014
If you have been militant about the whole Dryuary thing you’re probably just about used to waking up with a clear head.
—“Test your pain threshold at the Buzz Wire Challenge,” Time Out London, January 29, 2013
2009 (earliest)
3 designs finished in one night, along with half a bottle of brandy. So much for 'dryuary' (dry January) but hooray for my wallet.
—Dr Joe Fry, “3 designs…,” Twitter, January 03, 2009