dynamic commerce
n. The selling of goods and service via negotiated pricing, particularly via online auctions.
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Andy Zoldan, vice president of Internet applications at Siebel, said the company will use OpenSite as the vehicle to move aggressively into "dynamic commerce," the industry buzzword for selling via online auctions.
—David Ranii, “IPO avoided in OpenSite's direct sale,” The News and Observer, April 19, 2000
Instead, Internet business will be dominated by dynamic pricing or dynamic commerce, which is where pricing is negotiated between buyers and sellers.
—Jeff Zimmer, “Calif. firm may buy OpenSite,” The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC), April 19, 2000
1999 (earliest)
Moai, which is headquartered in San Francisco, has increased personnel within these geographical areas to satisfy customer demand for its dynamic commerce expertise and flagship online auction software, LiveExchange.
—“Moai Expands Organization, Opens Regional Offices,” PR Newswire, August 10, 1999
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