n. The conduct of business over the Internet, including buying, selling, communicating, and accessing information; an Internet-based business.
"A transaction should be accounted for the same, whether it's an e-business or a brick-and-mortar business," Scott Taub, an aide to Mr. Turner, said in an interview.
—Robert D. Hershey Jr., “Brave New Math Tests Limits of Accounting,” The New York Times, March 29, 2000
A new model for business is taking shape — e-business — and it's built on the largest communications network on the planet, the Internet.
—“Oracle users group hosts e-business conference,” BusinessWorld, January 31, 2000
1994 (earliest)
In our last issue we presented a secure software solution to doing business on the Internet.
—“E-business — Secure electronic business,” Intelligence Newsletter, June 23, 1994
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