n. The buying and selling of goods and services online.
"E-commerce," as it's known among those in the know, involves completing transactions on the Web; displaying detailed information on products and services; processing orders and credit-card purchases; and delivering confirmation and follow-up service.
—Art Harrison & Janet Gellici, “Net firm hopes to zoom into 'e-commerce' zone,” The Denver Post, November 18, 1996
1993 (earliest)
Unlike other pilot projects to create the "information superhighway," the CommerceNet proposal is not primarily geared to installing new infrastructure, such as high-capacity fiber-optic cable.
Instead, the idea is to turn the existing Internet, which was created by the Pentagon in the 1960s to allow defense contractors and universities to share data, into a viable electronic marketplace.

The proposal envisions low-cost "industrial strength" Internet connections between customers and suppliers and between designers and contractors. CommerceNet will add service enhancements such as easy-to-use directories, security and billing systems "to jump-start e-Commerce in our region."
—David Bank, “Smart Valley to get $8 million,” San Jose Mercury News, November 24, 1993
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