n. Online employee recruitment, including the electronic submission of résumés and online interviews with job applicants.
Internet recruitment companies are preparing their own code of conduct this week after reports of cowboy operators abusing the system. Unscrupulous agencies are reported to have started creating false vacancies and begun exaggerating pay and package claims. This is illegal in newsprint, but has yet to be challenged in relation to the internet. Legitimate e-cruitment companies will eventually have to sign up to the new code.
—“News In Brief,” Daily Mail, March 14, 2000
Now, a Canadian company has taken a large step forward in making "E-cruitment" work, through sophisticated software that sorts through and ranks the candidates for a job and a data base that is so far drawing some big names in the computer industry.
—Mary Gooderham, “Software aims to fill job-search gaps on Net,” The Globe and Mail, December 09, 1997
1997 (earliest)
'Are you going to the virtual fair, 'cause all the e-cruiters are there?'

Chad Morissette tosses off that ditty as one of the people actively working to make the terms 'e-cruitment' and 'e-cruiter' part of the lingo of business.
—Ian Gray, “Internet spawns 'e-cruitment' specialists,” The Financial Post, October 04, 1997
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