n. The number of people listening to a radio station or concert, or visiting an online music site.
"I think it has the potential to really be big, and the main reason is for the first time you have some major media outlets that can put some major eyeballs and earballs in front of the bands, and that's what's really been missing from this equation," says Steve Wonsiewicz, music editor at R&R Online, which covers the record industry.
—Alex Berenson, “Universal's Day In the Internet Sun,” TheStreet.com, November 09, 1999
1999 (earliest)
As wireless technology begins to make Internet content available to people on the go, the eGo will revolutionize audio in the automobile by … allowing i2Go.com to capture "earballs," rather than eyeballs, to measure audio impressions within the car space.
—“i2Go.com Delivers the Internet to the Car with the Launch of eGo,” PR Newswire, October 20, 1999
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