n. An ecological argument or policy supported by lies or inaccurate facts.
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Is Earth in the balance or is it just an eco-scam? We had better be paying attention and making up our minds.
—Gregg Brown, “Constant vigilance needed on environmental issues,” The Pantagraph, February 02, 2001
1990 (earliest)
We've already had our first 'eco-scam,' with the introduction of so-called biodegradable plastics," he said. "They are now doomed to fail, and they had so much promise. The fact that the truth was found out so quickly is a credit to consumerism.
—Kenn Marshall, “Producers accused of making false claims,” The Harrisburg Patriot, April 09, 1990
This term was popularized by Ronald Bailey, who in 1993 published a book titled Eco-Scam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse.
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