n. A single, environmentally conscious person with a strong aesthetic sense.
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There was the metrosexual. Then the retrosexual. Now there's the ecosexual. So if one of your goals is to find that special, ecofriendly someone in 2007, check out social-networking communities like Vegan Passions ( ), Earth Wise Singles ( ), Green Singles ( ) or Green Passions ( ). Because two recyclers are better than one.
—Joan Raymond, “Easy to Be Green,” Newsweek, January 08, 2007
I'm not sure whether to blame it on the Stern report on climate change or Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, but being green has never been more fashionable nor annoying.

The competitiveness by some to be an eco-warrior is so out of control that it now extends to the world of dating and the birth of the ''ecosexual''.

Good looks, a sense of humour, education and high income count for zilch these days if you don't eat organic, wear organic and recycle.

To get lucky, you have to think globally and act locally in your day-to-day living.
—Anita Quigley, “Beware the tree-loving ecosexual,” The Daily Telegraph, December 20, 2006
2006 (earliest)
Re: Metro. I'll start new trend . . . Eco-Sexual . . . Wear green, water your lawn & tuck collar in.
—Tav, “TXTtheEDITOR,” Townsville Bulletin, March 03, 2006