n. People who get married later in life.
Elderweds: Older people who get married for a second time in their lives.
—Michael Kesterton, “Social Studies,” The Globe and Mail (Canada), October 06, 1999
Orville Abbott, 76, and his wife, Arlene, 65, have been married seven years. . . . What do experts say about marriages like theirs? How about children of such brides and grooms? And what do "elderweds," as they are called, think about such relationships themselves?
—Robert A. Masullo, “Once and Again,” Sacramento Bee, September 26, 1999
1990 (earliest)
The remaining new shows include three half-hour sitcoms and two hourlong dramas. They are:

"Baby Talk": Connie Sellecca stars in this show based on the hit movie, "Look Who's Talking."

"Married People": Three generations of couples — newlyweds, baby boomers and elderweds — share a New York brownstone.
—“'Twin Peaks,' more videos make ABC's fall schedule,” Los Angeles Times, May 21, 1990