empathy game
n. A video game genre that uses intense, personal stories to create an emotional connection with the player.
"That Dragon, Cancer" is part of an emerging trend of game developers beginning to produce so-called "empathy games" — smaller, more intimately focused video games that attempt to portray realistically a particular aspect of the human experience.
—Yannick Lejacq, “Father copes with toddler son's cancer by creating 'empathy' game,” NBC News, August 20, 2013
More than four decades after Pong, players are tackling a range of heady subjects including cancer, depression and alcoholism. Instead of pumping adrenaline, these "empathy games" use the videogame form to tell stories that are far more personal than the Hollywood tropes most big budget games still rely on.
—Conor Dougherty, “Videogames About Alcoholism, Depression and Cancer,” The Wall Street Journal, August 15, 2013
2001 (earliest)
An interactive empathy game and multi-camera options are just two of the rich special features that our customers at New Line wanted to put into the experience.
—Jay Sherbon, “LaserPacific Takes Home DVD Excellence Awards,” Business Wire, March 15, 2001
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