equity education
n. A school curriculum that teaches respect for alternative lifestyles and non-mainstream thinking; fair access to schools and other educational resources for minorities.
The Toronto District School Board, the country's largest, is committed to equity education. Its purpose is to promote 'critical and divergent thinking,' says Frankland's principal.
—Margaret Wente, “Food, sex and racism, but what about the history lessons?,” The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2001
1989 (earliest)
Milton Bins of the black GOP group, the Council of 100, sharply questioned Cavazos on the administration's commitment to ensure adequate funding to educate minority and disadvantaged youths.

'I am here to remind our nation that the problem (of equity education) has not been solved,' said Bins, noting that about 80 percent of most state legislators are from 'suburban or affluent white communities.'
—Tamara Henry, “Administration Education Funding Policy Attacked,” The Associated Press, October 02, 1989
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