facial technology
n. The technology required to identify and track a person using face recognition techniques.
Zelazny of Visionics said face recognition is less intrusive than iris scanning, another biometric identification technology. Aside from security systems and James Bond movies, iris scanning is not as widely used as facial technology, she said, which doesn't require buttons and cards.
—Maria Vogel-Short, “Drawing the lines on facial recognition,” New Jersey Lawyer, October 08, 2001
1995 (earliest)
'Datamax chose Excalibur TRL because it provided the fastest and most accurate searching capability we have seen,' said Alex Stein, president of DATAMAX. 'The library's flexibility for integration was another advantage. We are already exploring Excalibur's tools for fingerprint and facial technologies.'
—“Excalibur Technologies Announces Four Distribution Partnerships,” Business Wire, August 28, 1995
Seven years and millions of dollars later, Ms Johnson developed the Optima system of 'facial technology', a non-surgical method of almost halting the effects of ageing on the face.
—“Ironing out the wrinkles,” South China Morning Post, November 08, 1992
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