n. A honeymoon in which the bride and groom also bring their children from previous marriages.
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There's a new crop of honeymooners who would rather hit the hotel water slide than spend the morning cuddling in bed. They'd gladly forgo candlelight dinners and romantic strolls on the beach for the nearest video arcade.

That's because some of these honeymooners aren't even out of kindergarten. Most are too young to drive. Their divorced parents have opted to remarry at a vacation locale, making the ceremony and honeymoon a family holiday at Disney World or in Maui…

However these families arrange their weddings, the goal is always the same.

"We didn't want Conner to feel excluded," said New Yorker Craig Linden, whose 5-year-old stepson joined the couple for their wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. "It was a familymoon."
—Eileen Ogintz, “Encore brides include their children and his in honeymoon plans,” Ventura County Star, August 19, 2001
1999 (earliest)
With three birthdays, a wedding and a "familymoon," we've had a lot of celebrations in our family lately.
—Jennifer Hansen, “End of this school year true cause for celebration,” The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, June 02, 1999