n. Plots and stories written by fans of a television show or movie.
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Conceiving new plot twists for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" may not have quite the same effect on Western culture as, say, inserting a "wine dark sea" flourish into an epic poem. But for Jill Kirby, "good fanfic is just as good as any episode of the TV show, and often better."
—Amy Harmon, “ In TV's Dull Summer Days, Plots Take Wing on the Net,” The New York Times, August 18, 1997
On the Internet, otaku (obsessive fans) have created hundreds of anime sites, including "shrines" for favourite characters, data bases crammed with trivia, and collections of "fanfics," or fan-written screenplays for serialized shows.
—Robert Everett-Green, “ Schoolgirls to the rescue,” The Globe and Mail (Canada), August 10, 1996
1978 (earliest)
fanfic [fan + fiction] Fiction written by fans 1976 Fisher Strekfan's Glossary 2 "Fanfic: Fan-written fiction." 1976 Apr 1 Halkan Council 17: 20 "I don't quite agree with Paula Smith‘s thoughts on New Voyages. Granted some of the stories aren't great literature but they do seem to be a reasonably accurate cross section of short fan fic."
—Patricia Boyd, “Star Trek Lives: Trekker Slang,” American Speech, March 01, 1978
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