n. A high-rise building used for growing crops.
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Other growth areas include vertical farming, in which lack of space means crops are cultivated in urban high-rises or 'farmscrapers'.
—Fiona MacCrae, “Aim for the stars and train to be a space architect,” Daily mail, January 14, 2010
More radical still is an idea that has environmentally minded architects worldwide in a tizz. "Farmscrapers" may become the solution to a bulging population versus diminishing land. Clever hydro- and aeroponic systems mean very little water will be required to grow crops high up in the sky, saving valuable space and resources.
—Kate Burt, “Tomorrow's world: The gizmos about to change the way we live,” The Independent, October 25, 2009
2007 (earliest)
Dr. Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental sciences and microbiology at Columbia University, believes that "vertical farm" skyscrapers could help feed cities, and fight global warming….And the price tag? Roughly $200 million per farm for startup costs, and the idea is for each 'farmscraper' to be self-sustainable.
—Pablo Defendini, “Urban Farming. It's the wave of the future…,” The New Sleekness, April 04, 2007
"Farm-Scraper" Our future farmers will have … 'farm-scrapers' instead of sky-scrapers in the middle of population centers.
Weekly Digest Vols 72-73, American Institute of Food Distribution, January 01, 1966