fast fashion
n. Low-cost, quickly-made clothing that copies the latest high-end fashions.
Other Forms
The disaster graphically demonstrated the true cost of quickly changing trends, or “fast fashion”, for high-street brands such as Gap and Benetton: dangerous working conditions, long hours and little pay for the garment workers.
—Lizzie Rivera, “The true cost of 'fast fashion': why #whomademyclothes is trending this week,” The Independent (London), April 21, 2016
But despite fast fashion’s growth, chains including H&M are increasingly facing criticism over both environmental and social justice concerns. …Though fast fashion offers consumers a wider variety of styles, the rising trend has also been tied to growing amounts of textiles in landfills. …Furthermore, many fast fashion retailers rely on cheap labor to produce high quantities of their products.
—Annika Fredrikson, “H&M plans rapid growth in China amid questions on ethics of fast fashion,” Christian Science Monitor, September 24, 2015
Recent years have seen the rise of fast-fashion behemoths like Forever 21, H&M, Zara — the list goes on.
—Kelly Faircloth, “Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Fast Fashion?,” Jezebel, September 04, 2014
2000 (earliest)
So far, Zara is a niche player in the U.S. "Not a heavyweight — more like a wannabe," says Kurt Barnard of Barnard's Retail Consulting Group. But shoppers are finding Zara's mix of fast fashion appealing.
—William Echikson, “The Mark of Zara,” Bloomberg, May 29, 2000
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