n. A person who pretends to be gay, particularly as a way of garnering attention; a person who mistakenly believes he or she is gay.
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Katy Perry kissed a girl, and I didn't like it. The American singer didn't just kiss a girl, she wrote a song about it, sold millions of records and trivialised a pretty serious issue. And did I mention that she's straight?

Pretending to be a lesbian is suddenly cool. …

Who would have thought? Certainly no one who bought Perry's previous album, a collection of Christian gospel songs she, a daughter of Protestant pastors, released under the name Katy Hudson….

Cue an overnight makeover, some fauxmosexual lyrics, a masterfully manufactured image and behold! A new, improved and, it goes without saying, successful product.
—Tim Duggan, “The dangers of fauxmosexuality,” Sydney Morning Herald, October 10, 2008
Also, Dominique Purdy steals many scenes as a motormouthed rapper-breakdancer of little talent, Steve Monroe and Michael Fitzgibbon play a pair of hopeless roomies on the make and Mario Diaz stars in the funniest bit as a hetero construction worker who passes himself off as a "fauxmosexual" so he can score with a top-heavy female conquest (Juliette Long) at a gay bar.
—Bill DeLapp, “Selected Shorts,” Syracuse New Times, October 03, 2007
1992 (earliest)
HeeHeee…you and your faux-mosexuality!
—Hot Young Star, “About Innocence,” alt.flame, July 08, 1992