adj. Anonymous, but relatively easily identifiable.
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Cousin if you see this since I know you reddit, sorry for sharing but at least its fauxnonymous.
—Wingd, “TIFU by opening a snapchat the very moment I received it,” Reddit, February 23, 2015
According to popular financial blogger Fritz Trout, "Bitcoin turns out to be a fauxnonymous byproduct of the war on terror! Hollywood couldn’t have written a better ending to this sad chapter in the global economy."
Public scrutiny has always been the price of fame. Princess Diana was killed [by] her driver who was drunk and not the paparazzi, whom she often encouraged with faux-nonymous tips about her whereabouts.
—I_Not_Y, “Does fame mean losing your freedom?” (comment), Over the Rainbow, September 20, 2010
2007 (earliest)
FWIW, I was just as apprehensive about a bunch of "toughen up" comments when I clicked on this thread. Especially with the fauxnonymity of the internet.
—iamkimiam, “Don't tell me to 'take it as a compliment.'” (comment), MetaFilter, April 11, 2007
It's worth mentioning that the citation from Sharpened Sticks is satire. There is no "popular financial blogger" named Fritz Trout and the National Security Agency did not create Bitcoin (as far as we know!).
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