n. The practice of deriving erotic pleasure from being forced to give another person cash or presents; the person deriving this pleasure.
Also Seen As
This hacking role-play is typically a subset of financial domination, or "findom," which is basically when one person gives another control of their finances as a form of humiliation.
—Katie Notopoulos, “The Men Who Pay To Be Hacked For Pleasure,” BuzzFeed, February 12, 2016
Sydney Leathers made headlines when she revealed that she had been financially dominating Indiana Congressman Justin Moed. But what exactly does that mean? We explore the world of findom and chat with experts about what fuels this fetish.
—“What's Behind The Financial Domination Fetish” (video), HuffPost Live, March 11, 2015
Findom websites offer a glimpse at the colorful terminology for subs, such as “money slaves,” “cash cows,” “pay pigs,” and “human ATMs,” while dommes are referred to as “mistress,” “queen,” “princess,” or “goddess.”
2008 (earliest)
Uh oh. Angry wife alert. Hehe. Enlightening her on how to be a findomme to her hubby. Girl Power!!
—mscrookedhalo, “Uh oh. Angry…,” Twitter, June 06, 2008
For the record, a findomme is a woman who financially dominates a man.