n. An insulting, emotional, caustic email message or newsgroup posting.
Other Forms
Consumerama boasts that it's run by people 'with a *BEEF* & a WEBSITE!' An on-line forum for flames, bellyaches and the surrealistic Naked Mole-Rats of Marketing Award, it's fun to browse even if you don't have a gripe."
—Sam Vincent Meddis, “Space, colorful wonders and down-to-earth concerns,” USA Today, September 15, 1999
Flames, also part of the Internet, are scathing messages whose vehemence is out of proportion to the perceived wrongdoing; they are usually unoriginal and poorly spelled. (Tip: Laugh and delete them.
—Parricia Irwin, “Internet: Useful tool or sticky web?,” Electrical World, June 01, 1996
1981 (earliest)
Sorry if the flame burns anyone, but I can't think of any other name for the unit that even comes close. Before Shannon no one understood how to factor in redundancy, etc.
—David Ungar, “Bits/second unit,” HUMAN-NETS Digest V3 #103, May 10, 1981
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