n. An executive or professional whose hours and place of work are flexible.
Against the Panglossian declarations of Third Wave theorists, who promise the empowerment as we all become telecommuting 'flexecutives' with virtual offices, a 'new class of migratory brain workers' with unchecked total quality entrepreneurial gusto, Meyer offers a sobering dose of reality.
—Tom Vanderbilt, “An Outplacement In the Sun,” Voice Literary Supplement, October 10, 1995
1994 (earliest)
The pundits call them "flexecutives" because, with the widespread use of faxes and computers in the '80s, they are flexible enough to live where they choose and remain hooked into the economic mainstream.
—Corrie M. Anders, “Aging baby boomers tempt real estate investors,” The San Francisco Examiner, October 23, 1994
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