n. A hotel on the water; a boat operating as a hotel.
The Indian Government has approved a gigantic and controversial seven-star floating hotel project for a seven-acre plot off Nariman Point, on the coast of South Bombay.

Construction work on the country's first "floatel" will begin soon on an "auspicious day" to be chosen before the Deepavali festival.

The initial job will be pile drilling under the sea to obtain the stress capacity of the under-sea rock on which the floatel will stand.
—Shirish Nadkarni, “Ambitious floating hotel project overcomes environment doubts,” South China Morning Post, October 16, 1996
The Bristow's two-crew Super Puma helicopter was ferrying 15 contract oil workers from Shell's Cormorant Alpha platform to the accommodation platform Safe Supporter. The production platform and the ''floatel'', normally connected by a walkway, had been moved 200 metres apart only 72 hours before as a safety precaution because of severe weather.
—James Cusick, “Crash helicopter lacked latest safety system,” The Independent (London), March 16, 1992
1981 (earliest)
With maps or without, it is possible to have exciting adventures on bird tours that have nothing to do with birds. The authors do not mention it in their chapter on Rio Napo, Ecuador, but back in 1976, a Massachusetts Audubon tour led by Mr. Alden ran into a totally unscheduled incident there.

It was the inaugural cruise of the Floatel Orellana on the Rio Napo east of the Andes. And despite what happened on this one occasion, Mr. Alden highly recommends this "very well-run operation" as "one of the finest ways to see the birds of the Amazonian forest."
—Emilie Tavel Livezey, “Where to find a kagu,” Christian Science Monitor, May 28, 1981
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