n. Negative reaction to a nonexistent, but already overhyped, product.
Apollo 13 has so much momentum partly because it has been spared the bad press that sometimes precedes a movie. The backlash — forelash? — on Pocahontas ($91.3 million and counting) began weeks before the film premiered, with some critics loudly decrying its historical inaccuracies and others attacking its heroine for looking too much like a Native American Barbie.
—“As 'Apollo 13' flies high, is dissent next?,” Orlando Sentinel, July 16, 1995
1993 (earliest)
And do Scoddish Television really plan to give us happenin' street-kids a new Jock-rock series called Local Heroes, starting in May? Featuring lots of crucial on-the-road/backstage/onstage/on-the-road-again shaky-hand-held-video-footage type-stuff? And with such seminal wax-makers as ye olde Runrigge, Stealer's Wheelchair, Poacher's Pocket, Eddie Mair and the Hot Rods, and Sir Harry Lauder and His Caledonian Bhangramuffin Lads? To be presented by Radio Clyde turntable mix-master supreme Dave Marshall, clad head to toe in purple lycra? And am I right to get my critical forelash in now before the thing has even been made?
—David Belcher, “New feminist term baffles the broadsheets,” The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), March 16, 1993
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