v. To kill a character in a computer game.
Other Forms
In "shoot 'em ups" such as Quake III, meanwhile, they will rapidly negotiate the three-dimensional chambers of a disused spaceship, guns blazing as they dodge the rocket attacks of other players and attempt to "frag" everything in sight.
—Michael Wright, “Game on,” Sunday Times (London), September 26, 1999
Britain's top computer gamers were out in force last Sunday for the annual UK Quake Championship at the newly opened games cafe, The Playing Fields in London. Keyboards were battered frantically as individual players patrolled the multiple levels of the game's maze-like fighting arenas, looking for others to hunt down and kill, or 'frag'.
—Ian Harris, “Computing and the net,” The Guardian (London), July 02, 1998
1995 (earliest)
In DOOM, and other PC games from id Software, a player enters a 3-D world. Armed with weapons ranging from a double-barrel shotgun to a rocket launcher, a DOOM player can track and kill other players or cooperate with them to slay monsters and move through levels of play. Kills, or "frags," are depicted in full color and convincing sound.
—“'Hell' is now a local call,” Southwest Newswire, April 19, 1995
This term originated as Vietnam-era military slang meaning to kill a superior officer who is considered to be dangerous or overly-zealous, particularly by using a fragmentation grenade as the weapon.
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