Frito feet
n. A condition in which a dog's paws smell like corn chips.
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"Frito feet" is very common in most dogs although it may seem more predominant in certain breeds. People may think you are off your rocker if you mention this phenomenon to them but you are not crazy. After all, who goes around smelling their dog’s feet; but if you are close to your pet, rubbing its belly, playing with its paws, kissing and loving it all over, it is not hard to get a hint of that Frito aroma. Feet smelling like corn chips is normal. You may notice it more right after your pet has been sleeping.
—Susan Lee, “Have you noticed your dog's feet smelling like corn chips?,”, October 08, 2013
Oddly, many dogs have paws that smell like snack food. This interesting phenomenon is called "Frito feet."

Some experts feel that the smell comes from sweat glands located on the pads of a dog’s paws.
—Yvette Van Veen, “Some dogs just seem to say the wrong thing,” The Toronto Star, June 23, 2013
1990 (earliest)
>Could you please smell your dogs' paws and send me a note telling
>me the breed of dog and of what the smell most closely reminded you?

Greyhounds. Fritos.

Yep, FRITO-feet!
—Emmelle, “What Do Your Dog's Feet Smell Like?,” rec.pets, January 03, 1990
This term is a bit too long in the linguistic tooth to qualify as "new," but having once had a dog whose paws smelled (rather wonderfully) like corn chips, I just couldn't resist.