fun sponge
n. A joyless or grumpy person who soaks up all the fun out of an event or situation.
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Alternatively, there is the ultimate worst-case scenario: that instead of being a world-class fun sponge with nil sense of humour he may just be right.
—Robert Kitson, “Rugby, booze and middle-aged men — the wobbling front row of the Six Nations,” The Guardian (London), February 16, 2016
Yes, Grimshaw is such a misguided choice that even funsponge Barlow returning to drain all the fun from the competition would have been a more preferable alternative.
—Jon O'Brien, “10 stars who would have made better X-Factor judges than Nick Grimshaw,”, June 16, 2015
There is a tired old cliché in sports, usually bellowed out by grumpy fun sponges, about acting like you’ve been there before. But what if you haven’t? What if you have waited as long as you can reasonably remember for what you still wonder might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience?
—Sam Mellinger, “Kansas City’s baseball moment has finally arrived,” The Kansas City Star, September 29, 2014
1997 (earliest)
Lighten up Sputnick,

Do you see the bulge in his cheek? That is a tongue, not a wad of

SHEESH! This group is full of fun sponges!
—Joe Shipley, “War Criminals Joe (was G.I. Stalin Joe),”, October 14, 1997
I had fun with the original letter, and even some of the responses, but this has ended up being a fun sponge. I won't be spearheading any more projects.
—Joe Shipley, “Cotswold Responds to HASBRO wish list (FINAL ENTRY),”, April 07, 1997
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