adj. Describing or relating to food grown in a person's own garden.
Also Seen As
In his love letter to Root Down, Cheshes admits falling for the joint's cocktails, design and garden-to-fork food.
—Lori Midson, “Four Denver restaurants get major shout-outs from the New York Times,” Denver Westward, August 27, 2010
Headteacher Mo Brown said: "What an amazing achievement by our green, mean eco-team. This rich garden-to-fork experience is the very essence of Curriculum for Excellence."
—“Grass-roots education at its best,” Selkirk Advertiser, June 25, 2010
2009 (earliest)
Last week I ate the first head of lettuce it was amazing, all that garden to fork crap is true.
—“Lettuce Give Thanks,” The Big Fat Food Manifesto, August 08, 2009
Heronswood Cafe manager David Weill counts gardeners as part of his kitchen team. "It's a garden-fork-to-kitchen-fork approach," he says. Heronswood, after all, is primarily a garden. It's famous, in fact, for its heritage vegetables.
—Donna Coutts, “Garden to plate,” Herald Sun, April 15, 2008