n. A neighborhood that is significantly or predominantly gay.
Also Seen As
That's only a fraction of the people who rolled into town a few weeks later for the Gay Games. Thousands of gay athletes and their friends flooded Boystown every night for 10 days, turning the gayborhood into one non-stop party place.
—Jason Steele, “Gayest summer ever,” Chicago Tribune, August 17, 2006
Filled with men in tight leather and revealing undies, this week has been a busy one for Vince Marino. The owner of PumpJack Pub in the heart of Vancouver's "gaybourhood" is in the midst of setting up another event for this week's celebration of sexual diversity, which ends tomorrow.
—Eva Salinas, “Revellers weigh cost of 'pride',” The Globe and Mail, August 05, 2006
2000 (earliest)
It was billed as the Mondo Philadelphia Bus Tour, complete with cartoon flyers and the promise of free beer. …

Other high points included the Gayborhood in Center City, where the bunting-draped Woody's is the most popular watering hole and Dirty Franks is Mr. Altman's personal favorite out-of-the-way dive.
—Andrea Billups, “Philly's good, bad and ugly,” The Washington Times, July 28, 2000