gayby boom
n. A sharp increase in the number of gay parents, which includes lesbians having babies and same-sex couples adopting children.
The trend of gays and lesbians becoming parents has even been dubbed the 'gayby' boom in recent articles about the subject.
—Catherine Gilfether, “Homeosexual parents redefine images of family,” The Plain Dealer, December 02, 1995
1990 (earliest)
But gay leaders have also begun fighting for a slate of family rights including social security, medical benefits, inheritance, child custody and even gay marriage. For a growing number of homosexual men and women, such family concerns are a day-to-day reality: a new generation of gay parents has produced the first-ever 'gayby boom.'
—Eloise Salholz, “The Future of Gay America,” Newsweek, March 12, 1990