adj. Relating to people who want to get rich either through online investing or by creating an Internet-related business.
Other Forms
The ten-minute videos — think MTV's The Real World meets America's Funniest Home Videos — will be posted on, a DC-based Web site that also plans to be a multimedia guidebook to area bars when it launches in mid-March.

The site is run by Adam Hiltebeitel, Hossein Noshirvani, and Mare Jacobson, friends who — like most twentysomethings — yearned to join the get-rich-click set.
—Courtney Rubin, “Smile! You're on the Bar's Candid Camera,” Washingtonian, April 01, 2000
Online brokers added more than 1.8 million new accounts in the fourth quarter, after a slowdown in the third quarter that caused some to think the get-rich-click trend was easing.
—Neal St. Anthony, “Online trades growing,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), February 08, 2000
1999 (earliest)
Everybody — by which I mean :not you" — is getting rich off the Internet. We are constantly seeing stories in the media about young Internet entrepreneurs who look like they should be mowing lawns for spending money, except that they have the same net worth as Portugal.
—Dave Barry, “Get Rich Click,” The Washington Post, August 22, 1999