n. A person who consumes a gluten-free, vegan diet.
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Many a vegan and gluten-freegan before me has faced this dilemma: What to do when your eating habits clash with your host’s?
—Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan, “Resisting the temptation: The ultimate no-processed-food challenge,” Grist, August 17, 2012
My sweetie calls the food that we can both eat (he's GF I'm vegan) "gluten freegan".
— j-dub , “Re: flexitarian, seagan, beegan, etc.,” Post Punk Kitchen Forum, December 14, 2011
2010 (earliest)
So where can you go in good ol' Salt Lake, have a glass of wine, and choose from a menu that would make any gluten-freegan, vegan, or carnivore salivate like a Pavlovian German Shepherd?
—Wren, “Salt Lake City Restaurant Review: Eva,” Goldteef, March 15, 2010