goat cheese curtain
n. An imaginary boundary that separates urban sophisticates from those with simple, traditional, or uncultured tastes.
Also Seen As
I don’t recall those behind the goat cheese curtain getting outraged when the Liars Party wanted to gag the media.
—Jansen, “Freedom of speech” (comment), The New Australian, May 15, 2015
At 2am every Saturday Mark Weston loads up his car with cheese and milk, and slips behind the “goat cheese curtain” — the clientele of weekend markets spread throughout Perth, 450 kilometres south of his Bookara Goat Dairy.
—Kerry Faulkner, “Dairy with a difference,” Outback, April 01, 2015
Might I suggest that you come out from behind the goat's-cheese curtain, take some leave, jump in your Eurochic ride and actually leave the city limits and spend some time outside.
—Igomi Watabi, “Infiniti Q50 2.0T Review - Photos,” CarAdvice, September 29, 2014
2012 (earliest)
Generally the suburbanistas live beyond the Goat's Cheese Curtain, an imaginary line of urban sophistication that encircles the CBD at a radius of between 5km and 10km, depending on the city.
—Bernard Salt, “The five tribes that shape our modern nation,” The Australian, June 23, 2012
Many thanks to David Astle for spying this phrase.