green anarchy
n. A form of anarchism that focuses on environmental concerns.
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Current anarchist extremists adhere to a variety of anti-US ideologies. They are anti-capitalism, anti-globalism, and anti-urbanization. There is also a movement that has been coined "green anarchy" which is an aggregate of environmental extremism and anarchist extremism.
—Andrew Castronovo, “Should Americans worry about anarchist extremism?,” Blast Magazine, November 20, 2010
Along the way, he destroyed documents and set fires and attracted many to the "green anarchism" of the Animal Liberation Front.
—Deanne Stillman, “'Operation Bite Back' by Dean Kuipers,” Los Angeles Times, June 28, 2009
1993 (earliest)
Having been recently lectured by a person presuming to speak for the new green anarchy movement on its "democratic right to protest", which also extends, apparently, to distort and disrupt if it is within their interests of promoting the views of their particular political dogma, I believe some clarification is desirable.
—B. A. Hobden, “Midway Point Democracy,” Hobart Mercury, January 30, 1993
A much older synonym for green anarchy is eco-anarchy (or ecoanarchy), which dates to at least 1974.
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