n. A carpenter who makes guitars.
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Is a person that makes guitars called a guitarpenter?
—Elizabeth Fell, “Is a…,” Twitter, October 26, 2015
Found an *old* photo of the twins in birth. Padauk smells like Play-Doh when you work it. #handtools #guitarpentry
—User Actions Follow JessicaPierce-LaRose, “Found an…,” Twitter, May 26, 2015
I'm a hobbiest [sic] guitar builder (more a "guitarpenter" than a "luthier") and I'd like to make some from scratch pickups for the two builds I have going — a bass and a guitar.
—j. pierce, “Magnets as pole pieces, *and* slugs?,” Music Electronics Forum, November 10, 2008
2003 (earliest)
I, obviously, am not so conservative but you can rest assured that I wouldn't trust the job to just any guitarpenter.
—JD, “Scalloped Braces” (reply),, October 31, 2003
The word guitarpentry dates to at least 2006, since it appears as part of a person's email address in this posting from June 7, 2006.
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