adj. Of or relating to a film that often moves male viewers to tears.
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I'm left with a personal dilemma at times when it comes to 'guy-cry' films like this, where you know what's going to happen, you may get emotional about it, whatever. But if the film doesn't deliver on those promises, I sometimes wonder if I've finally donated what's left of my soul to the great and growing ocean of cynicism that comes with film criticism.
—Ryan Keefer, “My All American (Blu-ray),” DVD Talk, March 08, 2016
Shawshank falls under the rubric of "guy cry" movies. Though Deakins’s nuanced cinematography is lost on the small screen, watching Shawshank on TV allows a man to shed a few cathartic tears…while ensconced on his Barcalounger in the privacy of his home.
In a column in the Chicago Tribune, page two columnist John Kass revealed himself as a "crybaby" at guy cry movies. And male readers jumped at the chance to admit that yes, they too cry at the movies. The Tribune's Web site is still taking votes for favorite guy cry films.
—Rebecca Roberts, “Movies that Make Grown Men Cry,” NPR, April 25, 2007
Turtle: They rented Brian's Song, E!
E: I heard you. What do you want me to do?
Drama: The ultimate guy-cry movie.
Turtle: He cries in front of her, shows her he's sensitive, bang! he moves right in.
Drama: Yeah. His tears will basically act as a lubricant.
—“Exodus,” Entourage, Season 2, Episode 13, August 28, 2005
2004 (earliest)
Have you seen the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams?

It is one of the few “guy cry” movies, along with maybe The Dirty Dozen and True Grit (kidding).
—Joseph S. Bonsall, “Joseph S. Bonsall, Sr.,” Arlington National Cemetary, January 09, 2004
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