n. Eyeliner designer for and used by men.
Jeff Wemyss, of Superdrug, has three tips for men wanting to take the "guyliner" plunge.

1. Choose your colour wisely ( black, brown or smoky grey are the most appropriate. Steer clear of bright shades. Men should want to look cool ( not clown like.

2. Guyliner needs to be smudged. The perfect look is not a perfect line. The best way to achieve the punky look is to apply liner close to the eyeliner, then smudge and soften the line with a cotton bud.

3. Guyliner looks best with a tan ( smoky eyes and white skin can look a little Gothic ( so invest in a bronzer for the complete look.
—Jane Hall, “Guyliner fans in at the Depp end,” The Journal, July 20, 2006
Now even men can define the contours of their eyes, as an eye-liner for blokes, called Guyliner, has been launched by a chain store.
—“Johnny Depp inspires eye-liners for men!,” The Hindustan Times, July 17, 2006
2004 (earliest)
But the men's beauty market remains elusive for L'Oreal and others. Companies have produced myriad concoctions, such as Active Skincare Daily Energizing Face Wash for Men, from Adidas; Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male bronzing powder, from a product range that also includes eyeliner (guyliner?); and Multi-Purpose Facial Formula for Men from Kiehl's, a L'Oreal brand.
—Jennie James, “Guys Just Aren't Buying It,” Time, January 26, 2004