n. A person who breaks into a celebrity's email account or computer.
With his head hung low, Jacksonville's so-called Hackerazzi admits he hacked into the email accounts of celebrities. Christopher Chaney faces up to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to wiretapping and unauthorized access to a computer.
—Rich Jones, “Hate crimes claim,” Morning News Recap (WOKV), March 27, 2012
Sorry, there’ll be no full frontal nudity for LINDSAY LOHAN‘s Playboy celebrity photo shoot when it makes its debut on the January/February 2012 issue. So much for your anticipation, you aren’t getting a single glimpse of Lindsay fully uncovered unless some hackerazzi goes and infiltrates her email account.
2011 (earliest)
A man accused of targeting individuals associated with the entertainment industry by hacking into personal e-mail accounts was arrested today after being charged with a range of cyber-related crimes.
Yes, I know hackerazzi is a plural term (hackerazzo would be the singular form), but that's not how writers — even professional ones — are using the word, so (proud descriptivist that I am), the definition here is singular. H/t to KH for spying this term.