half-g car
n. A car rented to a drug dealer in return for half a gram of crack cocaine.
In one case a Hartford teenager was shot after leading patrolmen on a chase in a half-g car belonging to a woman in the suburbs. Half-g cars offer young drug dealers not only increased mobility but also the opportunity to commit crimes in vehicles that cannot be traced to them.
—Anna H. Soukhanov, “Word Watch,” The Atlantic, May 01, 2000
In Hartford, Mass., addicts are renting their cars to drug dealers by the hour or by the day, typically in return for a half-gram of cocaine. Observers say the "half-g cars" give drug-dealing youngsters a new sense of power and mobility.
—Michael Kesterton, “Social Studies,” The Globe and Mail (Canada), June 01, 1999
1999 (earliest)
Born in the aftermath of the crack '90s, they have come to be known in Hartford and other areas of the state as "half-g" cars — cars rented by the hour or day to drug dealers, typically in return for a half-gram of cocaine.
—Francie Latour, “Conn. drug trade: Luxury cars are newest currency,” The Boston Globe, May 13, 1999
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