n. A person who has an ardent interest in halal food.
He dubbed the festival "the arrival of the haloodie" or the halal-eating foodie, craving high-end products. From organic meat to the knives to chop it with, even non-alcoholic champagne, the festival is designed to be a haloodie heaven.
—Haroon Siddique, “Haloodie heaven: the Halal Food Festival opens in London,” The Guardian, September 27, 2013
"A ‘haloodie’?" I hear you ask. What strange British-ism is this girl rolling out now? Well, the tongue-twisting term may have been coined in Britain, but ‘haloodie’ has not yet made the Oxford English Dictionary. No — this is a brand-new compound word with international appeal. ‘Haloodie’ refers to dedicated foodies from all walks of life who just so happen to follow a halal diet…accounting for a whopping quarter of the world’s population.
—Zoe Perrett, “All hail the birth of the Haloodie!,” The Times of India, September 17, 2013
2012 (earliest)
So the team have [sic] been reading all your messages of support and encouragement and needed a way to refer to you all other fan [sic] "Facebook friends…" We had a little think about it and decided that you are all halal foodies…..so perhaps we should be calling you HALOODIES!!!
—Halal Food Festival, “So the team have been reading…,” Facebook, August 06, 2012