n. A former lesbian who is now in a heterosexual relationship.
Say that you'd only just got used to telling your friends your daughter was a lesbian and do not relish having to inform them that she is now a hasbian.
—“Dear Dawn,” The Dominion, November 20, 1995
Evelyn White reports that in feminist circles, lesbians who have gone straight — apparently all the rage these days — are known as 'hasbians.'
—Herb Caen, “Plenty of Monday,” The San Francisco Chronicle, March 12, 1990
1989 (earliest)
—Patricia Roth Schwartz, “On the Hasbian Phenomenon,” off our backs, June 01, 1989
On the island she will meet up with her pal Mary Sharon (a slightly subdued, slightly aging radical-feminist-lesbian attorney), Teddie (ex-love of Rachel and only slightly less-true-believer), Rachel (who's hosting the reunion on her tiny island), Grace (enigma extraordinaire), and Julie (ex of Tyler's, now a 'wasbian').
—Beren De Motier, “Mystery Forum,” The Lesbian Review of Books, October 31, 1999
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