pp. Tricking a potential dating partner by wearing a hat to hide one's baldness or receding hairline.
Other Forms
When the internet talks about hatfishing, it’s regarded as a male analogue to women who overdo makeup. The idea is that both sexes use some form of trickery to misrepresent who they are underneath.
As we approach 2017, dating around literally couldn’t be any harder. What with catfishing, hatfishing, and bold face liars the pool gets shallower by the day.
—Isis Nezbeth, “The One Thing Women Fail To Realize About The Men We Fall For,” Thought Catalog, December 04, 2016
there are so many men out here who are hatfishing yall. Tell him to take his hat off before you accept his number
—lilpicassa, “there are so…,” Tumblr, December 05, 2015
2013 (earliest)
“@MOOSO0BEE: “@silastrong: Guys that only look good with hats on.. Hatfish.” AHAHA”OMG Bri
—Lealai, ““@MOOSO0BEE: “@silastrong: Guys…,” Twitter, March 24, 2013
Brilliant RT @AndyMilonakis: They should make a show called Hatfish, the guy is exactly how the girl pictures except for the fact that he always wears Fedoras
—Kelly L., “Brilliant RT @AndyMilonakis…,” Twitter, February 19, 2013