hint fiction
n. An extremely short literary work, typically no more than twenty-five words, that hints at a longer, more complex story.
Other Forms
Excited by the possibilities of the hint fiction form, the staff of "Any Other Word," Penn State York’s online literary magazine, is running its own hint fiction contest now through the end of March 2011.
—“'Any Other Word' Hosts 2011 Hint Fiction Contest,” Penn State York, March 08, 2011
Students participated in two workshop sessions based upon their interests. Available workshops included music composition, multi-modal creations, hint-fiction writing, acting, advertising/marketing/ expressive color, digital photography, and musical emotions.
—Nicole Shaw, “CAL high school students participate in Humanities Day 2011,” The Cadet Gazette, February 23, 2011
2009 (earliest)
Me, I want to coin a term, so I’m going to do it here and now: those very, very, very, VERY short stories should be called Hint Fiction. Because that’s all the reader is ever given. Just a hint. Not a scene, or a setting, or even a character sketch. They are given a hint, nothing more, and are asked — nay, forced — to fill in the blanks.
—Robert Swartwood, “Hint Fiction: When Flash Fiction Becomes Just Too Flashy,” Flash Fiction Chronicles, April 20, 2009
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