n. The process of becoming identified with or taken over by hipsters.
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The only way to safely avoid looking like a hipster, so far as I can tell, is to dress in oversize mesh jerseys bearing the logos of sports teams. Or to wear the blandest, baggiest, beige-est clothes possible, like a middle-aged tourist. Oh, wait. My girlfriend read a draft of this story and told me mesh jerseys "are kind of hipster now." The Rick Steves look is next.

But hipsterification is a fast-moving, all-encompassing beast that goes far beyond urban fashion.
—Steven Kurutz, “Caught in the Hipster Trap,” The New York Times, September 14, 2013
Best of all Lucky Lure is a no-frills, full-liquor neighborhood bar, which is a welcome temperament in the growing hipsterfication of the area.
—“Lure for what ails you,” Orlando Sentinel, July 11, 2013
2003 (earliest)
Forget gentrification; the inner Mission District has undergone far more hipsterfication — the inevitable result of a surfeit of moderate rents, thrift stores, dive bars, coffeehouses, bookstores, art galleries and avant-garde theater (and, lately, lots of anti-war protests and signs).
So. Should it be hipsterfication or hipsterification? The New York Times cite, the fact that many of the other Related Words terms use -ification, and the parallel to the canonical term gentrification would suggest adding the extra i. However, we here at Word Spy are card-carrying descriptivists, so the only truly relevant question is "How are people using it?" Let's go to the videotape: In media citations, hipsterfication outpaces the hipsterification by about three-to-one, but the latter gets about 20 percent more hits on a Google search. More tellingly, hipsterfy trounces hipsterify by five-to-one on Google (and the latter doesn't even show up in the media), so hipsterfication is the winner (although, as always in the neological world, there is no right or wrong, only usage or non-usage).

Note, as well, that the word hipster is used here without judgment (although the term hipsterfication is almost always used pejoratively) or definition. If you're not sure what a hipster is, the WikiHow article How to Be a Hipster, although at times unintentionally hilarious, is a good place to get an overview of the species.